Let us plant flowering trees or shrubs to increase forage for pollinators

On the way to Fairbanks and back yesterday I saw many great spots for beehives. The flowers are doing great if the lightning, rain and thunder would take a break. Look for the dandelions and lupine and roses and trees in bloom and you will see great hive locations. The vetch has not come out in full force yet but our fireweed is about two feet hive right now.

I look for a great year for pollinators from the Meadow Lakes area up through Healy. Remember that when mowing your lawn or weed whacking in your acreage try to do as late in the day as possible to put less stress on the pollinators.

Can you imagine if you were a bee on a blossom and a lawn mower comes overhead and chops the grass and either chops you as well or shoots you out of the discharge shoot with the grass? I would encourage you to plant flowering trees or shrubs to increase forage for pollinators. One flowering tree equals almost one acre of ground level flowers like clover.


Photo credits: https://alaskaadventureunlimited.com/2017/01/16/reasons-to-visit-alaska/